Published On: December 26, 2023

SCG International has officially announced the establishment of an office in Saudi Arabia (KSA), highlighting three strategies for expansion in Riyadh. This move underscores the company’s role as a global supply chain solution provider, poised to serve as a ‘global connector’ linking its international partners worldwide. The company showcased supply chain solutions, construction, and innovations at the Thailand Mega Fair 2023 in Riyadh. During the event, SCG International hosted a panel discussion on the subject ‘Unleashing KSA’s Growth Potential – The Resilience of Supply Chains in Action,’ in which among others, we were honored to have the participation of Mr. Fahad Alhashem, Real Estate and Construction Managing Director, Ministry of Investment of Saudi Arabia (MISA). The panel, opened by H.E. Mr. Darm Boontham, Thailand ambassador to KSA, clearly brought out the importance of the role of resilient supply chains in strengthening global connectivity to ensure sustainable business growth. It discussed the economic growth prospects of Saudi Arabia, along with representatives from the Thai Chamber of Commerce and Thai industrial construction product entrepreneurs.

Mr. Abhijit Datta, Head of International Business and Managing Director of SCG International, stated that Saudi Arabia is a regional power with the largest economy in the Middle East. As the kingdom’s “Saudi Vision 2030” calls for economic restructuring to reduce reliance on oil exports while boosting investments in manufacturing and large construction, at present, Saudi Arabia’s economy is valued at 118 billion US dollars, which is ranked 17th globally. This represents an excellent opportunity to open the doors to trade and investment with various countries, aligning with the vision of SCG International, which aims to expand into new markets in the SAMEA region (South Asia, Middle East, and Africa). However, in a rapidly changing world, having comprehensive and flexible supply chain management is essential. Therefore, key strategies for entering the Saudi market this time include:


“We believe that with the strength of SCG International, which has over 45 years of experience in supply chain management, and a network of partners in more than 50 countries, we will instill confidence in our partners and customers in Saudi Arabia. We can provide services and supply products from quality, reliable sources. We are also prepared to offer comprehensive supply chain solutions tailored to the specific needs of businesses in various industries. This is a key factor in enhancing the potential and success of business owners sustainably,” said Mr. Abhijit.

Mr. Abhijit also mentioned that SCG International has consistently driven its business forward as a leading company in the ASEAN region. With the ambition to expand globally, particularly in the SAMEA region, the company previously established The Dubai Hub in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This hub serves as a central point for sourcing and transporting goods between the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa. Recognizing that many countries in this region have varied market and economic growth characteristics, SCG International has strategically adapted and extended its operational strengths to align with each specific region. This strategy is designed to maximize opportunities for growth and ensure efficient market penetration, aiming to advance the business in 2024.

These actions include the goal of establishing the United Arab Emirates as a central supply chain hub to drive trade and connect businesses within the SAMEA region, especially as business trends are demonstrating significant growth. The CEO Night event, organized by SCG International earlier this year in Dubai to foster business cooperation with leading groups in the Middle East, received a positive response. There are numerous plans for future business collaborations expected to develop from this initiative.

Bangladesh has demonstrated clear potential as a trade partner for SCG International. The company has enhanced its business services and addressed trade needs with value-added solutions, managing and delivering a variety of products to leading companies in Bangladesh. These solutions cater to customer needs throughout the entire supply chain, from upstream to downstream. In India, the brand is gearing up to launch a new product line of Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete (ALC) bricks in the market by March 2024, marking a significant step following a joint venture.

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