Hygiene Solution​

Bi-Ionization Air Purifier

The system eliminates airborne pathogens by releasing positive and negative charged ions that are effective in killing viruses and bacteria in the air, as well as reducing PM10-PM2.5 dust. While, the generated particles are natural and harmless, giving you confidence in air quality that is cleaner and safer.

Facts and Features

Bi-Ionization Air Purifier produces positively charged ionized oxygen (O2+) and negatively charged ionized oxygen (O2-), which can normally be found naturally. O2- is oxygen with additional electrons, while O2+ is oxygen that has lost electrons and is therefore in an unstable form.
In order to stabilize it, both positive and negative ions will bond with atoms or molecules in the air within the building and exchange electrons, effectively neutralizing pollutants such as PM2.5 dust, bacteria, Coronavirus, mold spores, certain types of gases and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) continuously for 24 hours without harming other living organisms.
The product safety is certified by Intertek/ETL (UL 867), USA.

Effective in killing viruses up to 99%*, including Coronavirus and bacteria in the air. *Depending on the environment conditions such as air quality, humidity and etc. 

Eliminates small particles such as PM 2.5, which can cause respiratory problems.

Provides continuous protection by operating in sync with the air conditioning, safe for respiratory system with no harmful side effects (Certified by UL 867 and UL 2998 standards). ​

Saves maintenance cost and can be installed with all types of air conditioning systems making it more cost-effective in the long term.

Bi-Ionization Air Purifier Highlights

  • Easy to install within short amount of time. ​

  • Fits all types of air conditioning systems.

  • Extends lifespan of air filters. ​

  • Extends lifespan of air conditioning systems. ​

  • Makes air conditioning systems more energy efficient. ​

  • Safe for all living organisms. ​


Make your building more energy efficient and improve
the air conditioning performance and ventilation systems.