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In construction, the right building materials are the cornerstone of every successful project. As a leader in the building material import and export sector, our company addresses the critical challenges that cause material delays and supply chain disruptions. Catering to real estate developers, construction companies, and contractors, we offer high-quality building materials and comprehensive solutions that ensure your projects proceed without interruption, regardless of scale or complexity.

High-quality Building Materials

Our expertise encompasses all construction types, from commercial buildings to residential complexes and infrastructural projects. We understand that every project has unique requirements, and our tailored approach ensures that you receive the best materials for your requirements and needs. As a one-stop building materials supplier, SCG International offers a wide array of high-quality materials that meet local and international standards

SCG International, a building material import and export company
SCG Aluminum foil

Crafted from 7-micron thick pure aluminum foil and reinforced with tri-directional fiberglass, boasts a six-layer structure for enhanced durability and tear resistance. Capable of reflecting up to 95% of heat radiation, it’s suitable for installation under any roofing type, compatible with all SCG roof tiles.

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Ceramic Roof Tiles

Our high-quality tiles are crafted with the Dry Press Fast Firing System at temperatures up to 1,100°C. As a trusted roof tile and building material supplier, we proudly offer durable ceramic roof tiles that don’t collect dust or dirt, and absorb less than 0.1% water. They also come in appealing colors, enhancing the overall look of your projects.

 Concrete roof tile and building material supplier, SCG International
Concrete Roof Tiles

SCG International is a leading roof tile and building material supplier. Our concrete roof tiles are firm, solid, and built to last. They are available in a wide variety of colors, making them a versatile choice for any architectural style.

 A commercial building supply of fiber cement roof tiles
Fiber Cement Roof Tiles

As a global roof tile and building material supplier, we offer a wide range of fiber cement roof tiles that combine beauty with unmatched durability. They’re available in various designs, including our most popular collections: the Ayara and Roman tile series.

SCG International offers wholesale building materials, including gypsum boards
Gypsum Board

Gypsum board creates a continuous surface suitable for most types of interior decoration, creating a seamless finish for walls and ceilings. Our product is of outstanding quality, extremely durable, and long-lasting.

SCG International, a leading building material distributor of high-density boards
High Density Board

We are a building material distributor of high-density fiber cement boards, ideal for exterior facades and high-traffic interiors. Our high-density board is versatile, durable, and visually appealing. It’s also used as interior decoration walling for various types of construction projects, from kitchens and bathrooms to subways and airports.

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QCON Wall Panel 

As a one-stop building materials supplier, SCG International offers Q-CON Wall Panels, which are lightweight, steel-reinforced groove & tongue panels easily installed by any on-site installer. Q-CON Wall Panels are suitable for external and internal walls, offering easy installation and long-lasting performance.

We offer a wide range of commercial building supplies, including SCG Cement Board
SCG Cement Board

SCG Cement Board is made by using high pressure to compress a mixture of chipped wood particles and Portland Cement until the desired thickness is reached. It then passes through a special process to create a smooth surface and attractive color resembling a bare cement surface. Our SCG Cement Board combines durability with a beautiful finish and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

SCG International, a global building insulation supplier
SCG Insulation

Make SCG International your building insulation supplier. SCG Insulation is a smart choice for both residential and commercial buildings. Optimize your building’s energy efficiency with SCG Insulation, which is designed for effective ceiling insulation. It is lightweight and comes on a compact roll, which ensures a quick and convenient installation.

Explore our wholesale building materials, such as SCG Smartboard
SCG Smartboard

SCG Smartboard is a state-of-the-art composition of Elephant (SCG Portland Cement brand), silicon, and special cellulose fiber produced through the autoclave process. Our smartboard is engineered with FIRM & FLEX technology, offering versatility for floors, walls, and ceilings in any setting.

SCG International is a leading building material supplier in UAE and the Middle East
SCG Smartwood

SCG Smartwood is an eco-friendly and durable wood alternative that can be used for construction and decoration. Made with FIRM & FLEX technology, it has a natural color and texture that gives the feel of real wood.

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Our expansive network covers suppliers in over 50 countries, making us the go-to building material supplier in the UAE and beyond. With our international network and local knowledge, we can source a diverse range of materials, ensuring you always have access to the best products in the market.

Leverage our 40+ years of experience in supply chain management and benefit from our deep understanding of the construction industry’s nuances and challenges. We offer customized, flexible solutions that anticipate and adapt to the ever-changing needs of your projects, ensuring that your supply chain supports your progress and growth.

As a global building material distributor, we’re committed to providing quality you can trust. Our rigorous selection process guarantees that the materials we supply meet the highest standards, ensuring your projects are completed and distinguished by their quality.

Our comprehensive approach to supply chain management ensures that every aspect of your material supply is handled with expertise, care, and a commitment to your success, from the drawing board to the final installation. Discover the difference a dedicated, experienced wholesale building material distributor can make to your projects.


SCG International is an end-to-end supply chain service provider that offers high-quality product sourcing and comprehensive international supply chain management solutions. As a wholesale building material supplier, we’re committed to ensuring that every link in your supply chain, from upstream to downstream, operates efficiently and reliably.


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