Microgrid and Energy Storage System

As the rising energy cost persists with the industries, specifically, those in electric vehicles segment continue to expand. Thus, ensuring there will be sufficient and stable electrical supply, SCG International offers Microgrid and Energy Storage System (ESS) that have been developed to store renewable energy generated from natural sources such as sunlight for periods of high electricity demand.

​How Does Our Microgrid and ESS System Work?

  • Low-cost to operate and highly efficient in managing electricity consumption. ​

  • Reduces electricity costs based on the peak demand for electricity (Demand charge). ​

  • A backup power source is always available in case of a power outage, both in the factory or in a residential area, as well as in those prone to power outages. ​

  • Increases power stability when using high-power machinery or in remote areas with unstable power supplies. ​

  • Captures excess solar power thus increases the pay-back (in a case of where solar system is present). ​


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