About us

What is Fiona ?

We are a leading brand specializing in creating the best quality products for bathroom product and flooring. Fiona’s style products can create more private space and an atmosphere to relax and increase comfort for everyone in the home.

Not only product excellence, but Fiona also manages supply chain and logistic to distribute the products to your customers.

Why Fiona ?

  • Ensure the quality of the product​

  • Inspection service and report if needed

  • Adjust and optimize volum

  • Expert in logistics, and ensure the operation cost are lean and minimal

Quality Products from Fiona


Sanitary ware

Expert in export sanitary ware products from Thailand and China.


Ceramic tile

Source from worldwide to serve your need (Thailand, Vietnam, China, India).


PVC floor

Provide a full range of PVC flooring products; Homogeneous and Heterogeneous floor types, in tile and roll from various sources. (China, Vietnam and Thailand).


Bathroom cabinet

Excellent collection of decorate and storage ideas for your bathroom with variety of styles. Our connection will match your requirement with wide choice of bathroom storage solutions.