About SCG International

Our Vision

SCG International is committed to be a customer centric and business driven company with integrated solutions. Together with a strong international business network and efficient operation ready to be a trusted international supply chain partner.

Quality Policy

To go along with our vision, SCG International’s management is based on a customer centric principle
and is data driven with strong international partners and regional experts.
Therefore, the quality policy has been set as follows.

Our Growth Mission

To be the International Supply Chain Partner

Strengthen your business with E2E supply chain solutions from upstream to downstream. Providing customers and partners access to resilient and efficient solutions that is able to reduce the risk of facing supply chain disruption.


Enter Emerging Market

Driving growth and expand into the megatrends of the world, penetrating SAMEA’s
emerging markets in South Asia and Middle East.


Moving Towards Green Business


A development of technology, products and solutions for businesses that are environmentally friendly such as integrated service solutions for automotive business to products procurement solutions for solar business.

Our Journey

SCG International Corporation Limited continues to innovate and develop our business consistently in order to provide the best products and services for customers. We have therefore created and developed an Ecosystem of business model for international businesses, along with solutions and services that meet the diverse requirements of our customers from upstream to downstream.