HVAC Air Scrubber

A technology designed and developed to cater to real estate developers, building owners and facility management staff who are particularly looking to boost the efficiency of the HVAC System with SCG’s HVAC Air Scrubber. With the help of Air Scrubber that absorbs air pollutants, improves indoor air quality and reduces the HVAC’s cooling load therefore it is more energy-efficient as a result. ​

​SCG’s HVAC Air Scrubber has recently been nominated to be one of the nine most outstanding innovations in Smart Heat & Air by The Clean Fight 2020, New York, USA (a research and development institute) funded by The New York State Energy Research & Development (NYSERD

HVAC Air Scrubber Highlights

  • HVAC Air Scrubber for Cleaner Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) : Absorbs more than 30 contaminants such as carbon dioxide (CO2), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde (HCHO), and carbon monoxide (CO) to improve IAQ.

  • AI as Fresh Air Intake Calculator : Up to the ASHRAE Standards of 62.1 IAQP to decrease fresh air intake and maintain continuous positive building pressure.​

  • Self-Cleaning for Indoor Air Hygiene : Sustains building hygiene and reduces contaminants indoor through a self-cleaning technology.​


To save energy and increase efficiency in your building