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High-quality, reliable suppliers of bathroom, kitchen, and decorative materials are crucial in construction and real estate development. SCG International offers an unparalleled selection of home and living products designed to meet the evolving needs of real estate developers, construction companies, and contractors.

With our extensive supplier network across over 50 countries, including key markets such as China, India, ASEAN, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas, we ensure not only the quality of our products through expert inspections but also the adaptability to meet specific customer requirements in diverse industries. As a leading one-stop solution for decorative surfaces and bathroom products in Asia, SCG International prides itself on its comprehensive product offering, from commercial sanitary ware and bathroom accessories to innovative floor and wall solutions.

We’re a supplier of decorative surfaces and bathroom products, such as commercial sanitary ware, bathroom accessories, and sanitary fittings in Asia, with a wide range of floor and wall solutions such as PVC, vinyl, SPC, engineering wood, shock absorption flooring, ceramic tiles, and wall panels. We provide home improvement and decorative products such as roof insulation and accessories, outdoor and garden decorations, artificial grass, customized compact kitchens, kitchen cabinets and door panels, home furniture, and hardware tools.

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SCG International’s offerings are meticulously curated to enhance modern living spaces with functionality, beauty, and durability.

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  • Sanitary Ware & Bathroom : As a wholesale bathroom supplier, our products include modern contemporary bathroom cabinets, sanitary fittings and ware. We also offer hygiene products including DC Microparticle Stopper Masks and alcohol-free NANO9 SILVER NANO in 100-milliliter, 300-milliliter, and 10-liter sizes, which are widely used in hospitals and healthcare settings.

  • Kitchen Solutions & Accessories : Our kitchen solutions feature various floor-mounted and wall-mounted cabinets, available in various colors and styles to complement any design. From customized compact kitchens to essential kitchen door panels, our products merge aesthetics with practicality.

  • Decorative Surfaces : SCG International offers a wide variety of tiles and flooring, including ceramic tiles, homogeneous floors, LVT floors, shock absorption floors, SPC floors, and sports floors. Designed with safety and style in mind, our flooring solutions are engineered to elevate any space while minimizing injury risks.

  • Tools & Outdoor Supply : Our premium silicone sealant offers a versatile solution for glazing and sealing, ensuring projects are watertight and secure. We also offer various tools and outdoor accessories, from paintbrushes to artificial grass. In addition, our high-quality water tanks provide a reliable solution for safe and hygienic water storage, catering to both home and commercial needs.

  • Home Furniture : With our extensive network of home furniture manufacturers in Asia, we offer a large collection of home decorations and furniture to spruce up any space. Our wood furniture is handcrafted featuring durable and stylish pieces that complement any interior design and look.


SCG International is an end-to-end supply chain service provider that goes beyond high-quality product sourcing. We’re a strategic partner covering upstream and downstream, with services designed for seamless product procurement and comprehensive international supply chain management.

Partner with SCG International and leverage our global network, industry expertise, and comprehensive product range to elevate your residential and commercial projects. Our expertise as a supply chain service provider allows our customers access to the best bathroom accessories suppliers, home furniture manufacturers, and home tool and outdoor solutions in Asia and beyond. Should you need wholesale bathroom and commercial sanitary ware suppliers, we have a wide range of industry providers and experts to serve you.


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