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SCG International has an extensive supplier network in over 50 countries around the world, such as China,India, ASEAN, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas. Besides product inspection, we ensure the quality of the product from our experts. We also provide quality inspection and the appropriate product according to the specific requirements of each customer group in a variety of industries.

SCG is a leading and one stop solution for decorative surface and bathroom products supplier in Asia. We are a supplier of decorative surfaces and bathroom products such as commercial sanitary ware, bathroom accessories, bathroom cabinets, and sanitary fittings. With a wide range of floor and wall solution such as PVC and Vinyl floor, SPC floor, Engineering wood floor, Shock absorption floor, ceramic tiles and wall panel.  We also provide home improvement and decorative product such as roof insulation and accessories, Outdoor decorative and garden, artificial grass, customized compact kitchen, kitchen cabinet, kitchen door panel, home furniture, Hardware&Tools, paint brush. We invite you to explore our range of products.

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SCG International offers a variety of home and living products that have been carefully chosen to offer your customers the most modern and high-quality bathroom, kitchen, tiles and flooring, tools, and outdoor products in Asia. Our bathroom products include modern contemporary, bathroom cabinets, sanitary fittings and sanitary ware. Our hygiene products include, DC Microparticle Stopper Masks and alcohol-free NANO9 SILVER NANO in 100 milliliter, 300 milliliter and 10 liter sizes which is widely used in hospitals. SCG International also offers a range of floor-mounted and wall-mounted kitchen cabinets in a wide variety of colors and styles to match your kitchen design. They can be used for storage or work surfaces. We also offer a wide variety of tiles and flooring that include, ceramic tiles, homogeneous floors, LVT floors, shock absorption floors, SPC floors and sports floors designed to reduce injuries.

SCG International offers silicone sealant for the general purpose of glazing and sealing applications. Our versatile product helps ensure your projects are watertight. We also provide water tanks made from high-quality materials to offer you years of reliability in providing a safe and hygienic solution for home and commercial water storage.


SCG International as an End-to-End supply chain service provider offers not only high-quality product sourcing but also comprehensive international supply chain management solutions that cover from upstream to downstream and is ready to become a supply chain partner for your business.


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