Green Business Solutions

Green Business Solutions

The aim is to create a better and cleaner planet for the future
while establishing a sustainable growth with our partners through
renewable energy and emerging energy. With a complete range of services for electric vehicle businesses (BEV) along with cost and agility management for enterprise users and operators of all types. We supply solutions for solar businesses in Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) including products and equipment for all solar panels covering from Energy Storage System (ESS) to energy management solutions. Further, we also help businesses establish clean and safe building environment with technology for hygiene to let the business groups improve upon the climate.


Energy Solution

A versatile energy solution that meets the diverse requirements
of customers — the solution manages costs and user
convenience for organizations and businesses of all types. Thus, covering everything from Energy Storage Systems (ESS) to building energy management, high-performance LED lighting systems allowing businesses to upgrade the indoor environment while serving customer with satisfaction.

EV Solution Platform

A solution that covers all aspects of electric vehicles (EV) to supply the increasing demand in clean energy and to benefit all types of businesses under the concept of “Smart Clean Mobility.”
This comprehensive service for electric vehicle
business (BEV) includes various services to manage costs and optimize the efficiency of all business types for customers in the corporate sector.


Solar Sourcing Service

The solution provides high-standard solar products and equipment to acquire the needs of installation service providers and develop capabilities to serve customers with our comprehensive solutions. Hence creating confidence in product quality, price, and delivery for customers by a team of experts with over 20 years of experience in the energy business. 

Hygiene Solutions 

Hygiene solution helps businesses establish a clean and safe environment in buildings with health-oriented technologies.
Thus, enabling businesses to upgrade the air quality while bringing satisfaction to customers with more cost-effective solutions under the concept of “Clean Air For All” as it is a vital aspect of life.



SCG International as an End-to-End supply chain service provider offers not only high-quality product sourcing but also comprehensive international supply chain management solutions that cover from upstream to downstream and is ready to become a supply chain partner for your business.

SCG International manage end to end supply chain for businesses

Discovering green solution that works best for your business