EV Charger Solution​

SCG International’s Smart Clean Mobility solution includes an electric vehicle charging station solution – a comprehensive service for electric vehicle business (BEV). The solution ensures efficient charging for all types of EV users, whether in factories, warehouses, homes or public spaces. We prioritize in the security of both hardware and software to provide a safe and reliable charging experience.


Why us?

Suits all applications
Meets all usage requirements, compatible with all EVs, highly stable and a charging platform that is available for both public and home use.

An efficient charging system and a Cyber security that protects against data theft.

Monitoring the usage
an application that is accessible any time of the day.

Up to 5 years of warranty
fire hazard warranty on installation, charger and spare parts

A team of experts
an engineering team to assist with design and installation process.


SCG International as an End-to-End supply chain service provider offers not only high-quality product sourcing but also comprehensive international supply chain management solutions that cover from upstream to downstream and is ready to become a supply chain partner for your business.

SCG International manage end to end supply chain for businesses

For sustainability and efficiency,
let us be a part of your electric vehicle service