Non-Ferrous Metal & Scrap

Finding a reliable non-ferrous metal and scrap supplier is a critical challenge for recycling companies, metal processors, and manufacturers like the automotive and electronics industries. SCG International is a strategic partner that bridges this gap with a comprehensive range of non-ferrous metals and scraps, including aluminum ingots, aluminum can sheets, and copper cathodes. 

Our range of non-ferrous metal and scrap meets the standards and demands of various industries, including remelting, packaging, and building materials. We are committed to streamlining your supply chain, ensuring seamless access to essential raw materials.

 SCG International, a global aluminum ingot distributor and supplier
Aluminum Ingot

Our LME Registered “Class A” aluminum P1020 ingots from Portland, Australia, cater to diverse industrial needs, from the motor industry to kitchenware and casting. As a reliable aluminum ingot distributor, we ensure high-quality inputs for your production processes.

SCG International is a leading aluminum can sheet distributor and importer
Aluminum Can 

We are an aluminum can sheet distributor and importer, supplying rigid container sheets for the food & beverage packaging industry across Thailand and ASEAN countries, ensuring premium quality for aluminum can manufacturing.

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Aluminum Paste 

Our high-quality aluminum paste supports the production of lightweight concrete blocks, providing a reliable raw material for major manufacturers in Thailand.

SCG International sources quality aluminum raw material suppliers
Aluminum Billet 

Supplying aluminum billets from leading industry players, we meet specific industry specifications and support various manufacturing requirements.

Source high-quality silicon metal from a reliable distributor
Silicon Metal

Silicon metal, offered in a variety of grades and sizes, is essential for the aluminum casting and smelting industries. With more than 20 years of experience as importers and distributors of silicon metal from China, we guarantee prompt delivery of high-quality products.

SCG International helps your business find reliable sources for zinc ingots
Zinc Ingot

We specialize in the supply and import of high-quality zinc ingots, meeting the requirements of domestic buyers and sellers across various industrial coating applications, including steel plating and metal frameworks.

Have a dependable supply of high-quality copper cathodes with SCG International
Copper Cathode

We offer top-grade copper cathodes, procured from reputable suppliers, to serve a diverse range of manufacturing needs across industries. This includes applications in electrical wiring, electric vehicles, commercial coinage, and the production of copper rods and vehicle components.

Find a reliable aluminum UBC scrap supplier with SCG International
Used Beverage Can (UBC) 

UBC (Used Beverage Can) scrap, predominantly made from aluminum, is widely used for packaging a variety of beverages, including soft drinks, fruit juices, mineral water, and beer. It is crucial that this scrap is free from impurities such as liquids, metal fragments, plastics, and paper. As a leading supplier of aluminum UBC scrap, we guarantee the acquisition of high-quality UBC scrap from both local and international sources, providing a superior, recyclable material for the aluminum packaging industries in Thailand and abroad.

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Aluminum Scraps and Remelt Secondary Ingot (RSI)

As a leading aluminum scrap supplier in Asia, we are committed to providing aluminum scraps that are free from contaminants such as steel, plastic, glass, and other forms of waste. Our product range includes both soft bales and compacted briquettes, covering diverse grades and types of aluminum scrap to meet the requirements of various industries.

SCG International helps source various copper scraps for your business
Copper Scrap

We are a leading industry supplier of copper scrap, providing a selection of grades that adhere to ISRI standards. Our products are tailored to the unique needs of various industries, such as electrical wiring, renewable energy, and electronics manufacturing.

SCG International can supply various types of lead ingots
Lead Ingot

We can supply various types of lead ingots classified by chemical composition for industries such as the battery and automotive sectors. We have a reliable source of supply with an extensive experience in manufacturing and quality control.

a reliable source of tin ingots for the galvanizing and casting industries.
Tin Ingot

We have a reliable source of tin ingots for the galvanizing and casting industries. Tin is commonly used in galvanization to impart shine to materials and prevent rust. Additionally, it can be used in conjunction with stainless steel for welding.

SCG International | Your Trusted Sourcing Partner

  • Expertise and Experience : With over 40 years of experience in the international supply chain, SCG International has profound knowledge and understanding of the complexities of the raw material and non-ferrous metal scrap market. Our expertise and experience enable us to overcome market challenges and consistently deliver high-quality raw materials to our customers.

  • Reliable Sourcing : As a premier aluminum scrap supplier in Asia and beyond, we guarantee access to high-quality, consistent volumes of non-ferrous metals and scraps to optimize production cycles.

  • Certified Quality : Our adherence to global standards ensures the reliability and quality of the products, making us a trusted aluminum raw material supplier and non-ferrous scrap metal dealer.

  • Market Intelligence : Utilizing demand planning, we prevent stockouts and maintain optimal inventory levels, aligning seamlessly with production needs.

  • Flexible Logistics : Our logistic solutions are designed to enhance efficiency and reduce costs, ensuring timely delivery across the globe. This strength enables us to be a trusted distributor of non-ferrous metal and scrap in the ASEAN region, Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East, including aluminum scraps, copper scraps, and aluminum ingots etc.

  • Financial Solutions : Our financial solutions mitigate supply inconsistencies and ensure the acquisition of goods in required quantities, allowing your business to operate smoothly without interruptions.

We Strive to be Your Valuable Sourcing Solution Partner

Partner with SCG International to streamline the procurement of non-ferrous metals and scraps for your business. As leading aluminum UBC scrap suppliers and silicone metal distributors, we excel in sourcing from reliable partners and delivering high-quality materials directly to manufacturing plants. With a worldwide network spanning over 50 countries, we provide comprehensive supply chain management solutions to propel your business to greater success.


As an end-to-end supply chain service provider, SCG International offers exceptional product sourcing and comprehensive management solutions covering the entire supply chain, from upstream to downstream. We are ready to be your dedicated supply chain partner, addressing every challenge with innovative, bespoke solutions for your business.


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