Fuel System

Underground Tank

Underground tanks for petrol stations or the double wall tank comes with a 20-year-warranty and after sales service. The product is certified by UL1746, UL58, and UL142 standards and the Department of Energy Business production certification.

Double Wall HDPE Pipe

The Double Wall Pipe or Halock Pipe is designed to efficiently control pressure in order to prevent oil leaking. The product comes with a 15-year-warranty, production certification issued by the Department of Energy Business, making this a highly reliable product.


High quality and strong durability. Offering you high and precision reliable products, Tatsuno proposes reduction of maintenance costs. Tatsuno Dispenser responds to customer’s need and ensure customer’s profit.

Automatic Tank Gauging

The Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) is a device used for measuring oil levels or a fuel gauge. It allows us to monitor the real-time quantity of oil in a tank and accurately calculate and assess the stock of oil.


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