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Based in Asia, SCG International is a leading wholesale manufacturer supplying industrial-grade, food-grade native, and modified tapioca starch. Our expertise lies in supplying import and export-grade Thai tapioca starch, a critical component for various industries seeking premium, versatile starch solutions. We understand the critical role that high-quality starch plays in product formulation and industrial applications. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond manufacturing, positioning us as a prominent native tapioca starch importer and exporter in Asia for both food and industrial uses. As a wholesale starch supplier, we guarantee a reliable and consistent supply chain for our diverse customers spanning various industries.

Native tapioca starch exporter in Asia
Native tapioca Starch
(Industrial Grade)

As a premier industrial-grade tapioca starch supplier in Asia, our native tapioca starch is used in extensive applications across numerous industries, including the paper industry. In the paper manufacturing process, tapioca starch is used to fill in the pores and smooth the surface, effectively preventing ink from spreading during writing. Beyond its use in paper production, our high-quality tapioca starch serves as an adhesive in the corrugator box, glue, and plywood industries. Our tapioca starch has recently been integrated with biodegradable plastic compounds to produce eco-friendly products such as bags and containers.

Food-grade starch supplier in Asia
Native tapioca Starch
(Food Grade)

In addition to industrial-grade starch, we are also a trusted supplier of food-grade tapioca starch in Asia. Native tapioca starch, refined from the roots of tapioca, is a food-grade product that serves as a critical ingredient in numerous food products. Its primary function is to achieve the perfect consistency in a variety of dishes, from cornstarch pudding to sauces, pie fillings, and gravies. Beyond these direct applications, tapioca starch also enhances the texture and consistency of cereals and baked goods, including biscuits, muffins, popovers, pastries, cakes, and bread. Acting as both a water-binding and texturizing agent, it subtly improves the mouthfeel and stability of these products, making it an indispensable component in the kitchen.

Wholesale tapioca starch supplier
Tapioca Starch

Modified starch undergoes chemical or physical alterations to enhance its functional properties. Specifically, modified cassava starch is widely utilized as a thickening agent, stabilizer, and gelling agent in a variety of food products, including sauces, soups, and desserts. Its versatility extends beyond the food industry, as it also plays a crucial role in the manufacturing processes of paper, textiles, and various other industrial applications.

SCG International stands at the forefront of delivering exceptional-quality starch to diverse sectors. As the premier supplier and exporter of native tapioca starch in Asia, we are committed to furnishing your enterprise with products and solutions of unwavering quality. Our approach addresses the hurdles inherent in the global supply chain, offering comprehensive solutions that ease the journey for our partners. With over four decades of industry experience and an extensive network spanning 50 countries, we guarantee streamlined supply chain management for effortless procurement.

What sets SCG International apart? Our profound insights into market trends and predictive capabilities ensure your business remains ahead, avoiding any potential stock shortages. We excel in supplying superior food and industrial grade starch, supported by a global network of top-tier suppliers and stringent quality checks. Our logistical services are tailored to your unique requirements, promoting efficiency and punctuality in delivery, including specialized options like split shipment management.

In your quest for a reliable tapioca starch supplier in Asia or a distinguished Thai tapioca starch exporter, SCG International embodies quality, reliability, and logistical prowess. Let us be your partner of choice.


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