Decorative Surface


Ceramic Tile

Indulge in the versatility of ceramic tiles, crafted from premium red or white clay. Elevate every corner of your home with our superior-quality designs, meticulously curated to meet and exceed customer satisfaction. Whether it’s for your floors or walls, our company ensures a seamless blend of quality and style in every ceramic tile. 

Homogeneous flooring

A robust vinyl sheet option, combines vibrant aesthetics with exceptional durability. Ideal for high-traffic and hygiene-sensitive areas, such as hospitals, schools, retail spaces, and commercial offices, it boasts vivid colors and resilience, making it the perfect choice for spaces requiring both visual appeal and heavy-duty performance.

LVT Floor

Discover the Elegance of LVT: Luxury Vinyl Tile, a stunning flooring option that mimics the appearance of real wood, yet is crafted from PVC. Unlike traditional materials such as natural stone, ceramic, or porcelain, LVT offers the same aesthetic appeal with enhanced durability. Engineered with multiple layers, it ensures not only a realistic look but also exceptional strength and dimensional stability.

Shock Absorption Floor

Our Shock Absorption Floor, crafted from Heterogeneous vinyl, boasts multiple layers with a printed top layer offering limitless design possibilities. The primary advantage lies in its ability to minimize the severity of injuries resulting from accidental falls, making it an ideal choice for both elder care and children segments. Prioritize safety without compromising on aesthetics – choose Shock Absorption Flooring for a secure and stylish environment.

SPC Floor

Introducing SPC flooring, a cutting-edge engineered luxury vinyl that seamlessly blends limestone and stabilizers, resulting in an exceptionally durable core. Beyond its waterproof feature, SPC vinyl flooring enhances stability, provides dent resistance, and reinforces the structure of both commercial and residential spaces. Choose SPC for a flooring solution that effortlessly combines style with unmatched durability.

Sport Floor

come in various types tailored for specific athletic activities. These specialized floorings play a crucial role in preventing sports injuries by offering optimal shock absorption and suitable surfaces for different sports. Whether for basketball, tennis, or other activities, the careful construction of sport floors ensures athletes play on surfaces that enhance performance and minimize the risk of injuries. 

Veneer SPC Floor

is a stylish and durable flooring option that combines the elegance of veneer with the resilience of Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) material. This innovative flooring solution offers a high-end aesthetic, replicating the look of natural wood, while providing excellent durability and water resistance. Ideal for both residential and commercial spaces, Veneer SPC Floor is known for its easy installation, low maintenance, and long-lasting performance.

Engineered wood

is a versatile and cost-effective flooring option. It consists of a real wood veneer layer bonded to a stable core of plywood or high-density fiberboard. This construction enhances the durability and stability of the flooring while maintaining the authentic look of natural wood. Engineered wood is an excellent choice for a variety of settings, providing the warmth and beauty of wood with added resistance to moisture and temperature fluctuations.

Hybrid Engineered Hardwood Flooring

is a cutting-edge flooring solution that combines the beauty of real hardwood with advanced technology. It features a multi-layer construction, including a genuine hardwood top layer and a stable core made of high-density materials. This innovative design enhances durability, moisture resistance, and stability. Hybrid Engineered Hardwood Flooring offers the timeless appeal of hardwood with modern performance, making it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial spaces.

WPC Wall Panel

Ideal for commercial or domestic projects, new builds, or renovations. A color-stable alternative to real timber, they’re crafted from recycled wood and plastic, offering a traditional wood look with the durability of engineered composite. Perfect for cladding projects that demand both aesthetic appeal and long-lasting performance.



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