Tools and Outdoors

premium silicone sealant by SCG International

Our premium silicone sealant is meticulously formulated for versatile glazing and sealing applications. Tailored to meet the diverse requirements of our clients, this high-quality product finds its utility across a spectrum of construction and home improvement projects. Trust us to provide a reliable and effective sealing solution, ensuring your projects achieve the durability and precision they deserve.

Innovative water tanks with advanced protection by SCG International
Water Tank

Innovative water tanks with advanced protection, offering a clean and sanitary solution for water storage. Their natural design also makes them suitable for home decor.”

paint brush by SCG International
Paint brush

Paintbrush is a versatile tool for applying paint to surfaces. It typically consists of bristles attached to a handle and comes in various sizes and shapes. Used in both artistic and practical applications, paint brushes are essential for achieving precise and controlled paint application in a wide range of projects, from art to home improvement.

Artificial grass by SCG International
Artificial grass

Experience the superior quality of our artificial turf, versatile for applications in sports, landscaping, DIY projects, golf, and more.

hand tools by SCG International
Hand Tools

Hand tools are manual instruments designed for various tasks in construction, woodworking, and general maintenance. These tools, such as hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, and wrenches, are operated by hand and do not require power. They are essential for a wide array of applications, providing versatility and precision in tasks ranging from assembling furniture to repairing household items.


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