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About us We Are Regional Expert The main reason why our principle of running business is customer centric so that we can serve your needs with the perfect solution. We combined products, services and technologies together with trust and strong partnership, making us become the bold line that perfectly connect the dot for your successful business. Construction , Energy , Home & Living , Industrial Supply , New Technology Business , B2B Financing & Marketplace Key Principles To better support our business partners in dealing with the dynamic nature of customers, an ever-changing technology disruption and the rising competition, SCG International has been transforming our business with three key principles. Quality Policy In order to actualise SCG International’s vision of becoming “Customer Centric and Data Driven Company with Strong International Alliances and Regional Expertise”. The management of SCG International has established a Quality Policy as follows Our Vision SCG International aims to be a Customer Centric and Data Driven Company with Strong International Alliances and Regional Expertise. History of SCG INTL SCG International Corporation Co., Ltd. has been developing and never stop improving our self to achieve what’s best for customer. To make that happen, we decided to innovate ecosystem business model, the international end to end business providing services and solutions for customers since the first step until the finish line.
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