Cookies Notice

This cookies notice describes the types, reasons, usage, and how to manage the cookies used on the websites of SCG International as follows (lists of cookies used in each website are available in cookie settings of that website):

What are cookies ?

Cookies are small computer data (text files) that will be installed or saved to your computer or electronic device when you visit the website. Cookies will remember your website usage information. In this cookies notice, we will also call other technologies that perform similar functions as cookies.

How do we use cookies ?

We will use cookies when you visit our website. The use of our cookies can be categorized according to the type of use as follows:

Strictly Necessary Cookies

This type of cookie is strictly necessary to make the website functions properly and safely, allow you to use the website, enable you to log in, verify your identity etc. You cannot disable the use of this type of cookie via our website.

Analytic Cookies

These cookies collect information about your use of the website to enable us to assess, evaluate, improve, and develop our content, products / services and websites in order to enhance your experience of using our website. If you do not allow us to use these cookies, we will not be able to measure, evaluate and develop websites.

Functional Cookies 

This type of cookie helps to remember the computer or electronic data you use to visit the website, your registration or log in information, settings or options you have previously selected on the website, such as the language displayed on the website and shipping address. You will be able to use the website more conveniently without needing to provide information or reset every time you use the website. If you do not allow us to use these of cookies, you may not be able to use the website easily and not efficiently.

Targeting Cookies

This type of cookie collects various information, which may include your personal data and create a profile about you so we can analyze and present products, services, and advertisements that best match your interests. If you do not allow us to use these cookies, you may receive general information and advertisements that are not relevant to your interests.

Use of cookies by third parties (Third-Party Cookies)

Our website uses cookies belonging to third parties. The usage and settings will be in accordance with the first 4 types of cookies. You will not be able to select the settings for the specific cookies of third parties.

We are not able to control the use of that third party’s data. You check the list of third parties and visit their websites to see their privacy notice and their cookies notice, which are different from ours.

Cookie settings

You can enable or disable use of each type of cookies except for Strictly Necessary Cookies by using “Cookies Settings” or web browser settings such as prohibiting the installation of cookies on your device. However, disabling cookies may result in the inability to effectively use various features of the website.