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Effective supply chain management starts with sourcing quality products, and SCG International offers complete, global sourcing solutions to support your business in achieving this goal. Our product sourcing company in Asia has developed a vast network of over 50 reliable suppliers globally, including our China sourcing partners, the largest producer in the world, as well as manufacturers in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and America.

With our global sourcing solutions, we enlist manufacturers sourcing services that ensure high-quality products at competitive prices. At SCG International, we are committed to delivering the best one-stop solution for all your sourcing needs under one roof. With us by your side, be ready to elevate your business and strengthen it to new heights.

Complete Sourcing Solution from SCG International

7 Values You Get from SCG Sourcing Solution

Increase cost savings with volume optimization

Our strategy is designed to help you source your products to be cost-effective and more competitive.

More Diversification
of Source

international sourcing services enable you to easily purchase products globally and act as a one-stop-sourcing solution for your business.

Supply Chain Management Cost

Enjoy low costs in managing supply chains with our import and export sourcing services, domestic product transportation, warehousing and ocean freight.

Operational Expense


As your trusted international product sourcing agent, SCG International offers cost-effective solutions that include supplier inspection services and reduced traveling expenses.


Our quality sourcing company promises consistency and increased efficiency by delivering your product on time with ease and in pristine quality.


We possess in-depth knowledge and insights about all related industries. We will be supporting your business every step of the way with trending information.

Risk Management

As an expert Thailand and global importer and sourcing solutions company, you can trust us to reduce operational risks and provide customs clearance and foreign exchange (FX Management) which may be volatile.

Customs Clearance Solution

SCG International provides import and export sourcing services to help businesses operate smoothly, with timely delivery of goods, reduced workload, and minimized risks. As a transparent global sourcing partner based in Thailand,, we ensure compliance with the latest laws and regulations. Our services include: 

Declaration of Import
and Export Goods
Tax Management and Duties
Inventory Management

Product Verification Solutions

SCG International is a quality sourcing company that offers supplier inspection services to ensure smooth business operations. Our inspection process involves verifying manufacturers’ qualifications and gathering information to reduce claims of unqualified products and raw materials. We ensure that the entire production process meets all the necessary requirements, from the initial stages to the final product. We also oversee the packaging process to ensure that the manufactured product meets quality standards without any damage.

Our Products

From concept to completion,
explore our comprehensive product range


SCG International as an End-to-End supply chain service provider offers not only high-quality product sourcing but also comprehensive international supply chain management solutions that cover from upstream to downstream and is ready to become a supply chain partner for your business.

SCG International manage end to end supply chain for businesses

Don’t settle for less, discover the right product
at SCG International and let us help you elevate your business
with expert sourcing solutions.