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SCG International has long-term experience as a commercial construction tool, equipment and building material supplier since our parent company Siam Cement Group (SCG), has been well-known for its SCG construction products for more than 100 years. We supply a wide range of commercial construction tools, equipment, and building material products to suit pc wire suppliers, construction material dealers, wholesale building materials suppliers and those that are looking for a reliable building material import and export company.

To serve the diverse needs of customers, we have built a material import and export company that offers a variety of qualified products from many brands and manufacturers through our extensive supplier network in over 50 countries around the world, such as China, ASEAN, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas. Through our rigid product inspection, we ensure the quality of our products from our experts. We also provide quality screening and the appropriate products according to the specific requirements of each customer group in a variety of industries, ensuring top quality in all the products we sell, especially in cement products.

As a construction product supply importer, we’re diligent in ensuring all our products meet building standards so our customers can be assured they’re building quality structures with the best materials and products. Our construction products have been classified into seven distinct categories for the purpose of simplifying product search and selection. However, we offer many more categories beyond these, and we encourage you to reach out to us for more information.

Our Construction Products

Cement Related Materials
Building Material
Construction Accessories
Other Steel Products
PC Products

The commercial building supply products we offer are divided into 7 categories, consisting of building materials, cement, cement-related materials, construction accessories, other steel products, PC products, and steel. Our building materials include a variety of exterior roof and wall materials such as aluminum foil and composite material and ceramic, concrete, and fiber cement roof tiles. They also include wall products like gypsum board, high-density board, Q-CON wall panels, and our branded SCG cement board, insulation, Smartboard, and Smartwood.

Our cement materials include tile grout, white cement clinkers, white mixed cement, and white ordinary Portland cement. We are a trusted source of industrial cement-related materials, including cement tanks, industrial minerals, silos and aluminum Top Deck Slab Formwork with Ring Lock Scaffolding. By purchasing these materials, you can increase the speed and efficiency of your construction operations.

SCG International offers four high-quality construction steel products in addition to our PC and steel rebar products. Our steel products include, expanded metal, hot dipped galvanized steel, pre-galvanized pipe, and wire mesh. We also offer two PC products, PC standard and PC wire, for use in tensioning and pre-stressed applications, including grounds, guy wires, and overhead electrical conductors. Steel bars or a mesh of steel wires are often used as strengthening devices in reinforced concrete and masonry applications. We offer a variety of deformed steel bars, round bars, and meshes to suit every construction application.


SCG International provides End-to-End Supply Chain Solutions for the construction and building materials industry, which includes strategic sourcing, product inspection to ensure high quality, logistic optimization, inventory management, and identifying the right distribution channels that help our partners expand their business into the global market using our local expertise.


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