Published On: January 10, 2024

SCG International, led by Mr. Thanaphol Benjawongsathien, EV and Energy Solution Division Manager, is discussing common goals with the executive team from Anhui Forklift Group Corporation Ltd (HELI) — the number one forklift manufacturer in China led by Mr. ZONG XUE BING, Director of Anhui Forklift Group Corporation Ltd.

This collaboration focuses on expanding the EV forklift market in Thailand by deploying a comprehensive, integrative solution tailored to meet the demands for clean energy within the Materials Handling for Industry & warehouse management solution. This initiative aligns with the concept of ‘Smart Clean Mobility,’ reflecting a commitment to innovative and sustainable electrical vehicle solutions.

HELI, the largest manufacturing industrial vehicle in China founded in 1958, it is recognized as the ‘World’s 7th top rank Industrial Vehicle Industry’. Moreover, HELI stands out as a major export hub for China, consistently dedicated to the research and development of a wide product range, including H-handling, E-electric, L-logistics, and I-Intelligent solutions, all aim at comprehensively serving the smart clean mobility sectors. In alignment with SCG, HELI is demonstrating a strong commitment to sustainable practices and ongoing engagement in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, reinforcing their dedication to societal and ecological well-being.

This collaborative discussion represents a significant step in mutual product and after-sales service development, specifically aimed at enhancing the efficiency of smart clean mobility. It focuses on increasing production capacity, ensuring on-time delivery, and providing battery warranties and other solutions to address customer requirements, meeting the market demands for EV Forklifts. Emphasizing after-sales service highlights the significance of a comprehensive market expansion strategy from upstream to downstream, serving as a foundational element in the market expansion efforts in Thailand