Expand Your Business Solutions

Expand Your Business Solutions

Expand your business to gain new customer segments
in the market quickly and effectively by using a comprehensive
global network as a market expansion service and B2B E-marketplace platform. The marketing platform is for business-to-business customers to enable them to broaden various sales channels, simplify their entry into the new markets and create financial flexibility through our business expansion loan. Thus, ensuring you will have a professional B2B distribution expansion partner to provide advice internationally and work towards success together. ​

Why us?

& Sourcing Expert

As an international business expansion service provider, we assist you in importing and exporting products to the markets worldwide, to Asia, Middle East, Africa, and America.

Local Expert

A co-existing local team
to consult therefore simplifying the documentations and international

Market Expansion
& Distribution

Enabling businesses to reach a new customer and to increase product distribution channels appropriately.

Financial Solution

Increase business flexibility with business-to-business
loan partnership

Our Success Story


One of the best Toyota dealers in Myanmar,
SCG International has helped oversee both marketing and administration to become well-known in the car market and consumers in Myanmar.

Our Success Story


Leading agricultural engine and equipment manufacturing company that SCG International help to take care of the dealer and help distribute the products in 3 neighboring countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam, and Myanmar for more than 20 years.

B2B Financial Solution

SIAM SAISON’s FinTech, a B2B factoring and financing service,
aims to increase financial flexibility and create business
growth opportunities with solutions to help SMEs, vendors, manufacturers, construction contractors and retailers manage their finances securely, conveniently and efficiently all through online financial management processes.

B2B E-Marketplace

Big Thailand, a B2B E-marketplace that connects “buyers” and “sellers” between businesses with an online platform that provides complete services covering all the needs of business customers, from medium to small businesses as well as businesses in the automotive and agriculture industries and more. 

Building Solution Partner

Provide a worry-free building solutions, specialized in ceiling, walling and flooring with quality products as well as technical advice and installation service by well trained installers. We aim to provide your project cost and construction time saving, all in an eco-friendly manner. ZMARTBUILD is promoted by SCG, a leading manufacturing conglomerate in Thailand and South East Asia.​

Start growing your B2B business through online platforms
and reach your targeted customer groups with ease