Published On: September 26, 2023

SCG International Corporation enhances its comprehensive supply chain management from upstream to downstream. With the introduction of Siam Saison, a collaborative venture involving SCG International Corporation Co., Ltd., Mitsui & Co., Ltd., and Saison International Co., Ltd., SCG International aims to present a seamless supply chain management strategy that amplifies business capabilities and fosters a robust business ecosystem. This ecosystem bridges the gap between buyer groups, notably mid-sized contractors, construction material vendors, dealers, and distributors. Furthermore, it extends credit facilities to business entities across various industries in Thailand. For instance, business sectors ranging from raw materials for various industries and the automotive realm to paper and food industries provide credit facilities for product transactions without requiring collateral. They offer a credit limit of up to 50 million baht for each registered legal entity, supporting the expansion of the burgeoning Thai business community, particularly traders, entrepreneurs, and registered contractors. The anticipated credit distribution for 2024 is projected to exceed 3 billion baht.

At present, Siam Saison has allocated over 1,000 million baht to various businesses, marking an impressive growth of over 72% from the previous year. In addition, Siam Saison has entered into memorandum of understanding (MOU) with several construction material stores across Thailand, including Global House, Boonthavorn, Yong House, and Hardware House Corporation, among others. This collaboration aims to streamline the shopping experience for customers of these outlets by offering credit limits and financing options to continuously expand their businesses.


“SCG International is committed to being ‘A Trusted International Supply Chain Partner’. We offer a supply chain management solution for customers and partners from upstream to downstream. Siam Saison’s financial offerings seamlessly integrate into our supply chain management approach. With over 40 years of global business experience, we possess a deep understanding of customers in the construction materials and industrial segments. Recognizing that each business and supply chain has its unique requirements, we’ve developed business approaches like that of Siam Saison. This approach is specifically designed to support and enhance business growth efficiently.” Mr. Abhijit Datta, Managing Director of SCG International Corporation

Moreover, Mr. Jirapun Sakulwong, the Managing Director of Siam Saison Co., Ltd., noted, ” The growth trend of the construction industry in Thailand for the year 2023 is projected to increase to 1.48 trillion baht, or an increase of 5% compared to 2022. Growth often brings financial challenges, and businesses require flexibility, reduced risks, and stable finances to succeed. While there are numerous entrepreneurs in Thailand with tremendous growth potential, they often face hurdles in securing credits for business expansion using traditional financial avenues. Siam Saison is committed to playing a pivotal role in fortifying this business ecosystem.

With the deep expertise across B2B sectors, Siam Saison is setting its sights on broadening financial offerings tailored to business groups. This expansion caters to diverse industries ranging from industrial supply, automotive, paper & packaging and food sectors. At the heart of our service is a user-friendly digital application that operates in real-time, complemented by our dedicated team. They stand ready to provide guidance, helping businesses navigate through their liquidity challenges. For those considering the Saison Credit service, we present a hassle-free credit option suitable for product procurement and business growth. This comes with an interest-free period of 45-60 days, minus the complexities of collateral. Additionally, we offer flexible payment plans over 3-6 months or a business loan that doesn’t require collateral, going up to a generous limit of 15 million baht.


The interview segment with a successful real estate entrepreneur who has ambitious visions for her business and has chosen to rely on the financial services of Siam Saison

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