Published On: May 30, 2023

SCG International is committed to continuously expanding its business globally and is preparing to open a new office in Riyadh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is ready to embrace growth and business opportunities arising from the Vision 2030 of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. This vision is to drive the economy without dependence on oil, through investments in various sectors such as manufacturing, tourism, and real estate, which present opportunities for developing infrastructure and housing, which will facilitate economic reforms. In the past year of 2022, Thailand has restored its trade relations with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, thereby opening up business opportunities for the SCG group, particularly SCG International Corporation, which serves as a representative in international trade.


“Saudi Arabia is a major power in the region and has the largest economy in the Middle East, SCG International Corporation will be among the first Thai companies to establish a branch in Saudi Arabia. We see an opportunity to expand our international supply chain network, and have decided to set-up an office branch in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh, and will be preparing solutions to meet market needs and the demands of partners in the region. The Saudi Arabia’s construction sector is expected to grow significantly driven by massive infrastructure projects and rapid urbanization. We will focus on access to both government and private projects, where we can leverage SCG’s technology, best practices and strong building materials experience to add value to the construction sector in Saudi Arabi. We focus on being a ‘Trusted International Supply Chain Partner’ with a business network in over 50 countries worldwide. In addition to our interest in the construction sector, we will also offer fully integrated end to end supply chain solutions, both to end-users as well as producers in Saudi Arabia, under a broad range of products such as cement, construction materials, paper and packaging, including industrial supplies,” said Abhijit Datta, the Managing Director of SCG International Corporation Co., Ltd.


Over the last few years, SCG International has launched a strategy to develop Green Business Solutions to support organizations and entrepreneurs in Thailand in reducing carbon footprint and accessing technologies that enhance efficiency and reduce energy costs. These include comprehensive solutions for the electric vehicle business (Battery Electric Vehicle: BEV) and energy solutions that cover everything from energy storage systems (ESS) which will help store renewable energy from sunlight for use during a high demand of electricity usage and microgrid systems which address the need for self-sufficient energy systems and use smart technology to manage and optimize the load and distribution. These initiatives will help accelerate Sustainability and are in line with SCG Group’s ESG policy.