SCG International sets 3 strategies to become leading trusted international supply chain partner
Published On: September 27, 2022

On 27th September 2022 — SCG International Corporation Limited (SCG International) led by Mr. Abhijit Datta, Managing Director, organized SCG International Press Conference 2022 revealing 3 strategies to become the leading trusted international supply chain partner; building The Dubai Hub as a distribution center to penetrate emerging market in SAMEA (South Asia, Middle East and Africa). SCG International has launched a business model to help bolster the international trade potential, both offline and online as well as provide advice and solutions to its business partners and operators. Assistance is available for them to expand their SMEs customer base and rectify their business flaws with premium services involving financing, product stockpiling, and E-marketplace.

SCG International, formerly known as SCG Trading, focuses on business models that help raise the competitiveness potential through alliances. The company not only serves as a connector for overseas product distribution but also plays a leading role as a trusted international supply chain partner. This mission calls for SCG International to present an integrated array of products and solutions to truly serve the demands of international customers.

Under the “Trusted International Supply Chain Partner” concept, SCG International offers solutions for doing international business. Three strategies are available to help businesses from large industries to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to grow further, namely End-to-End Supply Chain Solutions, Green Business, and B2B ASEAN E-Marketplace.

1. End-to-End Supply Chain Solutions

SCG International is in a perfect position to provide resilient and efficient solutions completely throughout the supply chains, regardless of the size of customers — from large industrial groups to SME businesses.

This is due to a strong network of 21 branches across the world, over 40 years of experience, and its own marketing platform. With a financial support system that helps maintain cash flow and supply volume, SCG International has the potential to offer complete solutions to the business operators throughout the supply chain despite a global supply chain disruption.

“With multi-faceted preparedness, we aim at the SAMEA countries — new markets in South Asia, Middle East states in the Gulf Cooperation Council, namely Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain, as well as African nations. The SAMEA group’s economic growth is among the world’s highest and their population accounts for over 45 per cent of the world’s total,” Mr. Datta said.

He also said that SCG International is building its Dubai Hub product management center in the UAE’s Dubai city, to help reduce the transport time and product costs within the SAMEA countries.

2. Green Business

SCG International focuses on products and services that are friendly to the environment. Smart Clean Mobility service solutions are available for the battery electric vehicle (BEV) business which integrating various services to help transform mobility fleets of all types of enterprise users to be electric vehicles. Also, SCG International has procurement solutions for the solar business, with a focus on imports and services related to the solar business. The company’s potential in this area involves volume consolidation as its market penetration centers on various sectors of the solar business.

“SCG International’s development of the Smart Clean Mobility business model is driven by demand, based on SCG’s usage of about 14,500 electric vehicles covering various applications of the vehicles. The large usage volume leads to the development of charging stations with maximum benefits for business expansion,” Mr. Datta said.

In addition to the EV business model, SCG International is also well prepared to expand its procurement and service solutions for the solar cell business. This involves building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) covering solar panels, energy storage systems (ESS) and accessories to meet the customer demands among businesses that look for sustainability and alternative energy.

3. B2B ASEAN E-Marketplace

SCG International helps its business partners access their target groups through its B2B ASEAN E-Marketplace. With the online platform, SMEs can serve as a B2B business efficiently while connecting with buyers and sellers with potential. The virtual marketplace focuses on agricultural and automotive products targeting market expansion in ASEAN countries.

Mr. Alvin Anton Carlos Ong, Head of International E-Commerce and Supply Chain at SCG International Corporation Co. Ltd., says the company’s B2B E-marketplace BIG Thailand offers a forum for business connections between buyers and sellers with potential. This is an online platform for automotive and agricultural products with integrated, full-function services, as well as financial solutions provided by allied institutions under a reliable management system.

“BIG Thailand’s strength rests with its alliance in the financial, logistics and marketing areas to meet the customer demand for automotive and agricultural products, It not only connects the buyers with the sellers to expand the marketing base, but also helps to address the issues of transporting costs, financial transactions and product payment system.” he said.

BIG Thailand currently has more than 30,000 customer accounts with an average sale of 20,000 baht per order. The number of website visitors has grown 55 per cent since 2020. There are more than 500 vendors in 13 product groups, including electronics, agriculture, animal products, engine oils and fluids, tyres and wheels. The platform has seen customer growth of as much as 2,000 per cent over the past two years. BIG Thailand’s latest growth rate is 30%.

Its expansion plan calls for the creation of similar online platforms in other ASEAN countries to connect vendors and purchasers within the Southeast Asian region. Its success in penetrating new ASEAN markets can help BIG Thailand achieve its goal of becoming a regional online distribution platform.