scg international and COBOD signing ceremony
Published On: August 20, 2022

SCG International Corporation Co., Ltd., Cement-Building Materials Business, SCG and COBOD International A/S (Stock company Denmark) have signed a ceremony agreement to become the exclusive distributors of Cobod 3D extrusion printers in Thailand.

COBOD International A/S, a global leader in construction 3D printing solutions in Denmark, aims to disrupt the global construction industry through world-class 3D robotics and automation. The 3D construction printer has been widely used with excellent results in many parts of the world. Through fool-proof simulation with a small number of labors, it aids in reducing waste and construction time. As a result, this is the beginning of partnering with COBOD International A/S and hoping to expand collaboration in the future.

“The rapid advancement of technology over the last half-decade, 3D construction printing is now ready to be deployed on a larger scale and is being introduced in an increasing number of countries across all continents. Our 3D printing technology has already produced a three-story apartment complex, a school, houses, and wind turbine towers. With increased automation, lower and safer use of labor, sustainability and form freedom, 3D construction printing is directly answering some of the greatest challenges of the construction industry today. As a result of signing this distribution agreement with SCG International, COBOD International A/S is honored and believes that our collaboration will be mutually beneficial, ensuring the adoption of 3D construction printing to make the newest technology available to the construction industry in Thailand.” Mr. Simon Klint Bergh – Head of Asia Pacific, COBOD International A/S said.

Mr. Syamrath Chief Marketing Officer – Marketing and Branding – Cement and Green Solution Cement-Building Materials Business, our customers remark on this venture “CPAC Green Solution drives domestic operations with Green Construction, a strategy that offers products and solutions that is environmentally friendly under the ESG principle. It is the first company in Thailand to adapt 3D Printing technology to provide design services for concrete production and on-site printing for building construction. This innovative solution ensures design freedom while also fulfilling personalized needs. Additionally, CPAC 3D Printing Solution optimizes efficiency and resource usage and has garnered attention from many customers including project owners, real estate developers and designers. Finally, we are delighted to be a part of this partnership and to use this technology to raise construction standards in Thailand so that all construction process can support greener and more sustainable growth.”

Align to its corporate vision, SCG International Corporation, “To be the most Trusted International Business Partner” with experiences in the distribution business in ASEAN and around the world. SCG International aims to leverage its international business expertise in this collaboration to promote Clean Mobility while complying with ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) principles and anticipating long-term success. This collaboration is part of raising the quality of construction in Thailand.


“Today construction industry faces challenges trends in sustainability and labor shortages. SCG International commits to driving innovative products and solutions that meet these challenging trends. With our regional expertise and strong domestic business alliance relationship, we ensure that this collaboration will undoubtedly lead to the success of our business partners. Other than that, I believe this partnership would be beneficial to Thailand’s construction market in terms of supporting infrastructure sustainability growth and being environmentally friendly.” According to Mr. Abhijit Datta, Managing Director of SCG International Corporation Co. Ltd.