Published On: May 5, 2023

SCG Decor – SCG International – Hydrobaths Ramco have joined forces to enter the high-growth Indian market, which has a population of over 1.4 billion people and is the world’s fifth-largest economy. The partnership aims to introduce the “COTTO Exclusive Collection,” which comprises 39 items across 8 series, offering a diverse selection of sizes and textures in Multi-Size & Multi-Surface. Indian customers are cordially invited to attend the launch event held in Thailand, which was completed at the end of April.

Mr. Nampol Malichai, Chief Executive Officer and President of SCG Decor Company Limited or SCG Decor and Managing Director of SCG Ceramics Public Company Limited or COTTO revealed that after COTTO announced a major restructuring by joining forces with SCG Decor, who will be the core company of SCG in the Decor Surfaces & Bathroom business and become a leading operator in ASEAN business. Its business covers floor tiles, wall panels and sanitary ware. Recently, SCG Decor has joined forces with SCG International and Hydrobaths Ramco, which is a significant business collaboration for the three companies to bring a new collection of tile products under the name “COTTO Exclusive Collection” under SCG Decor to enter the Indian market, which has a population of over 1.4 billion people and is the world’s fifth-largest economy. India is considered a country with high growth potential from the overall economy that has been expanding steadily over the past several years. Besides of this event, will including working together to bring such products to expand markets in other countries around the world.

The new collection tile “COTTO Exclusive Collection” has a total 39 items (SKUs) across 8 series which are Multi-Size & Multi-Surface tiles full of variety of sizes and textures to choose from. It is inspired by nature such as Stone, Marble, Wood, Cement, etc., with a unique identity, beautiful patterns and natural textures. Under the concept of “A Timeless Masterpiece” to create special works that have timeless value. It supports a variety of uses for both interior and exterior surface decoration such as swimming pools, walls, etc., to create a distinctive and different look to the decorated space. The tile collection was designed and developed in collaboration between COTTO’s designer team and the Hydrobaths Ramco team.

Recently, the COTTO Exclusive Collection event was held to officially unveil a new range of tiles at the end of April. Over 50 targeted customers from India were invited to Thailand to attend the product launch and explore the offerings at the SCG Experience. They also visited COTTO and SCG booths at the prior ASA Expo, which received positive feedback from the attendees who participated in the event.