SCG International Receives funding support in Microgrid project from NIA
Published On: April 30, 2024

Microgrid SCG International, a part of the Green Solutions business group, has been awarded funding support for the innovation project “Transforming Technology into Capital.” This recognition stems from the development of its Energy Management System (EMS), which integrates various technologies and represents a sophisticated level of EMS implementation unprecedented in prior projects. The endorsement from the Corporate Innovation Office, providing consultation and guidance, further underscores the significance of participation in this project.

Microgrid SCG International plans to expand its operations to affiliated companies within the group, particularly those needing to accelerate compliance with RE100 and Fleet Electrification policies. This expansion may begin with small-scale Proof of Concept (PoC) trials before extending market reach to external projects, which must mitigate the impact of exporting to the European market under the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) in the future.

What is a Microgrid System?

Innovation for Renewable Energy Generations & Effective Energy Management System

Microgrids, located in specific areas, function independently or in tandem with the main grid. Comprising renewable energy sources, storage, and advanced controls, they create efficient, customized clean energy systems for communities, campuses, and industries. They promote widespread clean energy adoption and can cut greenhouse gas emissions by over 347 tons annually.

SCG International,, Managing director

“The focus of Green Business Solution is on differentiation. Our solution is not about selling products but about offering value-added benefits to customers so that our business can expand and stand out. Microgrid is the future and the lifeline that we want to create and make a reality. SCG International would like to thank NIA for supporting our innovation to succeed”

“NIA prioritizes and provides mechanisms to support Thai entrepreneurs in creating, developing, and utilizing innovations to enhance business opportunities, especially within the Climate Tech group. Projects like the Microgrid in Bang Sue Complex serve as excellent examples of incorporating innovation into managing various loads, particularly in supplying power to electric vehicle charging stations, which are increasingly in high demand.”