Published On: July 4, 2023

The most significant challenges for a supply chain business are quality maintenance and varied supply sourcing. It is especially true when sourcing is limited only to local suppliers, which can lead to product deficiency, inconsistent product quality, and high production input costs that affect the business’s capability to meet its customers’ demands and be competitive.

To address these challenges, partnering with a trusted supply chain service provider that offers global sourcing solutions will ensure that you can find a variety of supplies promptly and at reasonable prices. To illustrate how global sourcing can help a business stand out among competitors, we will explain its features and benefits.

What is Global Sourcing?

To consistently provide the best products and services, a supply chain business must prioritize its material sourcing processes. This is why leading companies utilize global sourcing strategies to stay ahead of competitors.

The global sourcing strategy makes a major difference to supply chain businesses through unlimited access to quality materials from around the globe. Unlike local sourcing, global sourcing expands your business partner network and potential to serve clients. In addition, you can select cost-effective materials with better specifications to satisfy client requirements, resulting in higher business margins.

According to a recent survey conducted by Robert J. Trent and Robert Monczka from Michigan State University, many renowned supply chain companies in the US were able to reduce operational costs by 15 – 25% after applying a global sourcing strategy to their processes.

How Can Global Sourcing Increase Business Potential
and Competitiveness?

Implementing a global sourcing strategy will significantly and positively impact businesses, from sourcing better quality and cost-effective materials to providing more efficient and reliable services, and establishing credibility.

Here are 6 ways that global sourcing solutions can uplift businesses:

How can global sourcing solutions uplift your business?
  • Accessibility to trustworthy suppliers globally.

    A global sourcing strategy increases your business capability to elevate your service level, whether it is fulfilling the demand for higher quality materials or a wider range of alternatives that may not be available from local suppliers. When it comes to specific technologies or expertise, a global sourcing solutions provider can ensure that you have the most suitable options. As you continually offer better and more varied materials, this will attract more clients and business partners, and your business growth potential will increase.  

  • Ability to offer one-stop services to clients.

    With a greater variety of materials and a network of reliable suppliers, it is easier for your business to offer end-to-end services to clients. You can control the entire process, from supplier selection to quality control, logistics, and allocation, while ensuring that delivery timelines and requirements are met. 

  • Wide variety of supplies.

    Every industry has its own needs. Therefore, the better you can source materials to match a client’s preferences and requirements, the higher your chances for long-term partnerships and benefits. With a wider variety of options, you can find or tailor-fit material specifications and compare suppliers to obtain more cost-effective prices.

  • Increase business potential and be competitive.

    Having a global sourcing solution partner will enable you to compete in an increasingly competitive market. Global sourcing solution providers usually have established relationships with their suppliers; as such, they can assist in the procurement process such as bargaining for better prices or terms, compared to companies that conduct one-off deals at higher prices.

  • Better supply quality control.

    Partnering with a global sourcing solution company will give you access to international- standard suppliers. Partnering with high-quality suppliers will enable your company to meet your customers’ expectations, especially for niche products that require specific types of materials.

  • Decrease the risk of supply shortage.

    Supply shortage is one of the biggest challenges and blockers for business success. Partnering with a global sourcing solution company will decrease the risk of disruptions and sustain your ability and capacity to deliver materials to clients. With the right global sourcing strategy, you can maintain a safety stock from various suppliers in different areas of the globe to serve as backups when the regular supply chain encounters any problems and supplies are delayed. Having globally sourced supplies can mitigate risks of business disruptions due to unexpected and unavoidable situations resulting in lost revenue. 

SCG International, Your Trusted Global Sourcing Partner

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