Palm Kernel Shell (PKS)

PSK are the shell parts left over once the nut has been removed after crushed in a palm oil mill. We selectively supply PKS from Indonesia where it has slightly higher heating value. Our customers can rely on our product quality and on-time delivery by our sourcing and logistics team.

Shredded Wood

Our Shredded Wood mixed between horticultural and industrial shredded wood which can be used in many industrial businesses such as Power Plants or Industrial Boilers. We have strong relationship with international suppliers who have more than 10 years of experience in this business.

Wooden Pellet

Wooden pellets are made of wood left over from timber processing and agricultural residues. Wooden pellets can be used as fuel in industrial boilers/ furnaces. We are able to deliver the product through region-wide service centers providing premium quality.


SCG International as an End-to-End supply chain service provider offers not only high-quality product sourcing but also comprehensive international supply chain management solutions that cover from upstream to downstream and is ready to become a supply chain partner for your business.