Energy Solutions

SCG International own-developed energy solutions that are integrated into our organization as an important key aspect. Aligning with the global trend that emphasizes the importance of sustainability and resource efficiency.
As a one stop service provider, the solutions are as follows:

With close collaboration and discussion with customers, enhancing commercial value and economic impact combined

to make sure that your energy investment yields the best returns.

Products & Solutions

HVAC Air Scrubber

A technology designed and developed to cater to real estate developers, building owners and facility management staff who are particularly looking to boost the efficiency of the HVAC System with SCG’s HVAC Air Scrubber. With the help of Air Scrubber that absorbs air pollutants, improves indoor air quality and reduces the HVAC’s cooling load therefore it is more energy-efficient as a result. ​ ​

Lighting System

LED lighting technology offers cost saving and energy efficiency. It’s simple installation process makes it accessible to all business segments. With over 12 years of expertise in the energy industry, SCG International has established a diverse network of partnerships with the latest advancements of integrated smart sensors to help businesses achieve energy cost reduction of up to 30-40% (compared to traditional LED lighting systems used in 2016-2017) ​

EV Charger

SCG International’s Smart Clean Mobility solution includes an electric vehicle charging station solution – a comprehensive service for electric vehicle business (BEV). The solution ensures efficient charging for all types of EV users, whether in factories, warehouses, homes or public spaces. We prioritize in the security of both hardware and software to provide a safe and reliable charging experience. ​

Microgrid and ESS

As the rising energy cost persists along with the industries, specifically, those in electric vehicles segment continue to expand. Thus, ensuring there will be sufficient and stable electrical supply, SCG International offers Microgrid and Energy Storage System (ESS) that have been developed to store renewable energy generated from natural sources such as sunlight for periods of high electricity demand. ​

Solar Solution

With an extensive supplier network worldwide, in addition to sourcing quality solar products and equipment, SCG International has a professional team with over 20 years of experience in the energy business to provide consultation, design, permits, equipment procurement and solar system installation to ensure optimal efficiency and that your investment is well spent in reducing energy cost in the long term. ​

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