High-Quality Plasterboard Liner Manufacturer

Based in Thailand, SCG International is a trusted leader in manufacturing and supplying premium plasterboard liners or gypsum paper. We integrate innovation with sustainability, using cutting-edge technology to craft high-quality plasterboard liners from a blend of recycled paper. Our company is dedicated to eco-friendly manufacturing, and we actively reduce our environmental impact through green practices and materials. We offer high-quality plasterboard liners crucial for creating durable, smooth-surfaced plasterboards, also widely recognized as gypsum board or drywall. Our liners are designed to fortify the plasterboard’s structure and provide a smooth canvas suitable for both painting and wallpapering. Our products are designed for flawless integration with a gypsum core, offering fire resistance, easy installation, and versatility to fulfill the varied demands of the global construction industry. Additionally, we are also the leading and trusted importer and exporter of ivory and grey paper for gypsum boards.

We leverage strategic global distribution channels to ensure builders, contractors, and developers worldwide have easy access to our high-quality products. Our reputation as a reliable supplier is rooted in our dedication to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, positioning SCG International as a key player in advancing the construction industry’s standards worldwide.

Plasterboard liner manufacturer

Plasterboard liner, also known as gypsum paper board, serves as a coating for the surface of gypsum boards. This paper comes in four distinct types:

1. Gypsum Liner Face – Ivory
2. Gypsum Liner Back – Grey
3. Gypsum Liner Face &  Back – Green
4. Gypsum Liner Face  &  Back – Pink

SCG International is your go-to supplier for plasterboard liners or paper gypsum boards globally and in the Middle East and UAE. Leveraging 40 years of expertise in global sourcing and supply chain management, our network spans over 50 countries. Trust us for unmatched expertise and reliability. We are experts in supplying high-grade gypsum liner papers and plasterboard liners that meet your exact standards and requirements. Our streamlined end-to-end supply chain solutions are tailored to improve efficiency and reliability, covering everything from sourcing to logistics. Additionally, we promise a smoother, cost-effective, and timely logistics process if you seek to import or export ivory or grey paper gypsum boards.

Choose SCG International as your strategic partner for unparalleled quality control, responsive after-sale support, and a commitment to excellence in the construction materials industry. Let’s work together to elevate your business.


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