Leading Industrial Bag Manufacturer and Supplier in Asia

In today’s versatile and fast-paced industries, such as agriculture, food, chemicals, retail, industrial, mining, and cement, the need for dependable and top-quality industrial packaging has never been more vital. SCG International is a leading supplier and manufacturer in Asia for industrial bags and comprehensive packaging solutions tailored to these diverse requirements. Businesses across Asia and beyond trust us as their dependable sourcing partner and supplier for a variety of needs, including cement bags, paper bags, sack bags, PP woven bags, agricultural bags, and chemical bags.

Why Choose SCG International?

Boasting over 40 years in international supply chain management and a solid background in global raw material sourcing, SCG International offers unmatched knowledge and insight. When you partner with us, it’s not only about our wide range of products; we deliver comprehensive solutions designed to enhance your operations. Our vast network of suppliers spans over 50 countries, allowing us to offer a varied selection of industrial bags customized to your sector’s needs. Our global presence and commitment to local service offer you high-quality international products with a personalized touch.

The global supply chain presents many challenges, made even more complex by unpredictable market conditions. SCG International’s end-to-end supply chain solutions are designed to streamline this process, offering you a seamless, flexible, and efficient service from start to finish, ensuring your operations are smooth and adaptable. Recognizing that every business has unique needs, we provide various adaptable packaging solutions. Our focus on innovation and efficiency ensures our offerings continue to meet your changing demands. Choosing SCG International as your industrial bag supplier means opting for a partner committed to enhancing operational efficiency, safeguarding products, and fostering growth.

Comprehensive Packaging Solutions for Various Industries

We are trusted suppliers of industrial bags and comprehensive packaging solutions across multiple sectors in Asia. Our industrial bags are versatile, catering to a broad spectrum of applications in various industries, such as:

  • Agriculture : Used for grains, feed, fertilizers, tapioca, and seeds.
  • Food Industry : Ideal for packaging pet food, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Chemical Industry : Suitable for PP resin and hazardous materials.

  • Retail : Perfect for clothing, groceries, and consumer goods

  • Industrial : Designed for machinery parts and building materials

  • Mining : Used for minerals and other materials.

  • Cement : Applicable for cement powder and related products in the non-cement industry, such as mortar and adhesive

Industrial bag supplier and manufacturer in Asia

Additionally, SCG International is also a supplier of a range of specialized bags such as PP Woven Bags and Sack Bags:

  • PP Woven Bag : Crafted from polypropylene woven fabric, these bags feature a valve orifice at either the top or bottom, providing durability and versatility for various applications.

  • Sack Bag : Constructed from Sack Kraft paper, these bags are environmentally friendly, offer excellent impact resistance, and possess an aesthetically pleasing appearance.


As a dedicated end-to-end supply chain service provider, SCG International offers superior product sourcing and comprehensive global solutions, ensuring a cohesive approach to managing your supply chain from start to finish.


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