Industrial Bag

Industrial Bags have a wide range of applications in various industries, including:

  • Agriculture : Grain, Feed, Fertilizer, Tapioca, and Seed
  • Food Industry : Pet Food, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
  • Chemical Industry : PP Resin, Hazardous Materials
  • Retail : Clothing, Groceries, Consumer Goods
  • Industrial : Machinery Parts, Building Materials
  • Mining : Minerals and Other Materials
  • Cement : Cement Powder, Non Cement Industry such as Mortar, Adhesive

Cement and Non-Cement Industries:

Cement powder, Mortar and Adhesive bags commonly contain in valve bags, but they are also divided into different types. According to the material, it can be classified as : PP Woven Bags, PE Bags, Paper Bags, Sack Bags, and so on.

SCG International provides 2 types :

1.PP Woven bag is made of polypropylene woven fabric with upper or lower valve orifice.
2.Sack Bag is made of Sack Kraft paper, offering environmental protection, impact resistance and a beautiful appearance.


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