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7 values You get from Sourcing & Service Solutions

  1. Optimize volume : High negotiation to get better price
  2. More diversification of course : Better of secure supply and competitiveness
  3. Supply chain management cost : Better supply chain cost including Inland transportation, Warehouse, Fright.
  4. Operational expense : Lower cost of factory verification, inspection, travelling expense
  5. Consistency : Consistent high quality and delivery
  6. Insight : Better insight information on related industry
  7. Risk management : Compliance risk management & FX management
Sourcing Solution

SCG International is total service solution provider around the world especially in China market. At the moment, China is known as the biggest sourcing place in the world and we have been good business partner with them since 1988. Dealing business with China is necessary for business and we are totally the solution. As we developed ourselves to be one stop service providing sourcing and supply chain management services. We guarantee you that our customized and professional services will reduce your expenses and worries along the delivery.

Inspection Solution

To ensure the business proceeds correctly, we provide you with supplier verification by gathering information and see if the supplier is qualified enough, inspection service both during and final production to meet quality requirements. Moreover, we supervise the loading process to ensure the quality goods and discharging process to make sure when the goods are discharged properly with no damages.

Customs Solution

SCG International provides a smooth process of import and export with expertise to ensure on time delivery at the lowest possibility of operational burden and risk with procedures executed transparently as stated in the latest law and regulation requirements.
The service includes:
• Import and Export Declaration filing
• Duties and Taxes Management
• Additional Services: Warehouse arrangement

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