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SCG International Moving Forward Towards Sustainable Development Under CSR Operations

SCG International has adopted Ministry of Industry’s CSR principle as a guideline for internal operations in order to comply with the sustainable development goals. This includes the application of activities that are beneficial to the community under the Sufficiency Economy’s principles for many projects. This year is we received CSR-DIW and CSR-DIW Continuous awards for 2021 for a total of 4 projects:

CSR-DIW 2021 Awards:

1. SCG brings quality vegetables to “Baan Daab” community

2. SCG increases labor contractors’ satisfaction in Pha Tup.

CSR-DIW Continuous 2021 Awards:

1. SCG cultivates paniculata against the threat of COVID-19 in Pha Tup

2. SCG: Seed Bank, Nong Ngu Hao sample farm

Through the promotion and development of eco industrial town to the industrial sector that drives the economy with innovation with the usage of production technology that reduces the impact on the environment and promotes industrial safety, The Ministry of Industry has conducted such activities to allow the industrial sector to raise awareness of social responsibility (Corporate Social Responsibility, Department of Industrial works: CSR-DIW) according to its strategy. The focus is on the development of urban areas according to the potential of resources and physical structure. The aim is to increase productivity of designated areas to be able to compete in commercial business along with causing the least environmental harm. A further action of advocating safety by focusing on development that creates balance in economy, society and environment thus enabling the industrial sector to coexist with the community and the environment in a sustainable way — moving towards “Thailand 4.0”

Corporate Social Responsibility, Department of Industrial works or CSR-DIW consists of 7 responsibility standards and 9 guidelines established by the Department of Industrial Works. The purpose of the manual is for the industrial operators to carry out social responsibility activities together with the operation in the same direction. Whilst also taking into an account of the quality of employees’ lives, communities, society and the environment to develop and grow with the business.