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SCG International Indonesia and PR Sinar Tambang collaborate to support COVID-19

PT. SCG International Indonesia in collaboration with PT. Sinar Tambang Arthalestari (Semen Bima) which is one of the customers of PT SCG International Indonesia, protects medical personnel from the risk of Covid-19 transmission from patients by donating 3 Covid-19 Swab Chambers as SCG’s innovative solution to Prof. Dr. Margono Soekarjo Regional Hospitals and 1 unit of Swab Chamber to Ajibarang Regional Hospital. One of the backgrounds is Banyumas Regency that is the area with the highest number of Covid-19 patients in Central Java.

PT SCG International Indonesia is a supplier of cement bags to cement companies in Indonesia since 2 years ago and PT Sinar Tambang Arthalestari (Semen Bima) is one of the largest partners who have worked together since 2019. In addition to business, PT SCG International Indonesia and PT Sinar Tambang Arthalestari (Semen Bima) also has the same commitment for Indonesian community, including in this crisis period,