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SCG International, along with SIAM KUBOTA, signed an agreement with Abedin Equipment to expand the agriculture business in Bangladesh

25 March 2022, SCG International Corporation Co., Ltd., Cement-Building Materials, SCG and Siam Kubota have signed an agreement with Abedin Equipment to expand agriculture business with Kubota’s diesel innovation in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is densely populated with a 162 million population. In recent years, it has experienced relatively high economic growth — more than 50% of the population is in agriculture, and over 70% of the land is filled with crops. Therefore, SCG International recognized the opportunity to develop the market with Siam Kubota and Abedin Equipment by bringing agricultural machinery for Diesel Engines and Power Tillers which will help promote agricultural efficiency for farmers.

Mr. Quazi Ehsanul Abedin, Director of Abedin Equipment Limited, import and distribution of chemical, agricultural and industrial power tools said, “Abedin Equipment Limited has established the agricultural machinery business with the purpose to increase efficiency and productivity in Bangladesh with modern tools. On behalf of the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment, such as CNH Industrial N.V., Kubota Corporation & Demetra S.p.A., customers choose and trust our products and services. With this signing, Abedin Equipment is delighted and honored to be a part of this partnership with SCG International in presenting the world-famous Kubota diesel engine including tractors and agricultural machinery. We hope this collaboration will help serve Bangladesh’s farmers to increase their agricultural productivity and drive the country forward.”

Mr. Phisanu Milintanush, Vice President and General Manager Sales, Marketing and Services of Siam Kubota Corporation Co., Ltd. commented on this collaboration, “On behalf of Siam Kubota, the world’s leading agricultural machinery company will provide quality products to meet agricultural needs for Bangladesh customers. Along with technical support through cooperation with SCG International in delivering innovation to enable farmers to provide high quality agricultural products and to improve farmer’s quality of life sustainably. Finally, we are grateful to be part of the collaboration between SCG International and Abedin Equipment wish all parties a successful business development in Bangladesh market.”

Align to its corporate vision, SCG International Corporation, “To be the most Trusted International Business Partner.” We are committed to provide knowledgeable support, service and experience in doing international business in this collaboration and looking forward to a long-term success.

“On behalf of SCG International’s management I am delighted and honored to partner with Abedin Equipment, a market where we recognize business opportunities in agriculture sector. Through the introduction of the new Kubota diesel engine, we are ready to assist our partners in achieving long-term success and firmly believe that this partnership will benefit all parties. With SCG International’s regional domestic expertise and business partners together with Abedin Equipment’s agriculture expertise coupled with reliable products from Siam Kubota, we will achieve our goal of improving sustainability of Bangladesh’s agriculture in the long term.” According to Mr. Abhijit Datta, Managing Director of SCG International Corporation Co. Ltd.