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BG Float Glass Company and SCG International Collaboration in Aluminum Industry for Construction Market

January 26, 2022 – SCG International Corporation, Starch and Nonferrous division, signed a collaboration agreement to extend the long-term contract with BG Float Glass Company (BGF) under the Bangkok Glass Public Company Limited, worth approximately 216 million. The collaboration aims to supply high-quality aluminum scrap for the aluminum industry to expand the construction market under Bangkok Glass Group. 

 “On behalf of BGF, I am delighted to have a business partnership with SCG International. It has been known that SCG International has a reputation for delivering high-quality raw materials, which is reflected in this agreement. The collaboration is the first step of doing business together, and we hope that in the future we will succeed and continue growing with the SCG International assist.” According to Ms. Supasin Leelarit, Chief Executive Officer of BGF Company. 

Align to its corporate vision, SCG International Corporation, ‘Trusted International Supply Chain Partner.’ SCG International aims to share its supply chain solutions and construction knowledge expertise to support BGF growth. 

“SCG International operates with the vision of becoming a Supply Chain Partner. We have been in the aluminum industry for a long time. We have good relationships and strong sourcing capabilities in many countries that are ready to assist our partners in achieving long-term success. And this time is a starting point to do business with BGF, with the expectation that there would be opportunities to extend cooperation in other industries in the future. Therefore, we want to ensure that the BGF team receives full support from us to become a Supply Chain Partner. This collaboration will undoubtedly lead to the success of our business partners.” Mr. Abhijit Datta, Managing Director of SCG. International Corporation Co., Ltd. Said.