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SCG International Releases Black Crab Creating Balance, Develop Ecosystem

On 15th December 2022, Mr. Yongyos Pholtanawat, ASEAN Supply Chain Business Director of SCG International Corporation Company Limited (SCG International) led a corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity in releasing Black Crab to restore ecological balance and plant mangroves to absorb 15,600 kg of CO2 at Air and Coastal Defense Command (AC.DC) Mangrove forest, Sattahip, Chonburi Province. The project is under the concept of “Let’s work together to keep the world cool” to conserve and restore sustainability of the ecosystem.

SCG International’s volunteers joined to release Black Crab back to its natural habitat, develop the Salt Creek Wildlife Refuge ecosystem, restore resources sustainably to benefit the community by planting mangroves which serve as a natural water barrier and create ecological balance.

Encouraging employees to participate in providing benefits for the community and the environment is one of the important policies that SCG International adheres to as a guideline for business operations. Thus, we strive to create sustainable growth and focus on developing quality of life and society sustainably.

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