Published On: February 21, 2023-

A competent supply chain management should control costs and maintain quality to establish customer satisfaction.


Controlling costs and maintaining the quality of supply chain should be handled with a partner who is able to foresee the whole process from upstream to downstream. When recognizing the big picture, it will help to reduce consolidation defects without affecting other processes.


SCG International obtains the ability and expertise in supply chain management from upstream to downstream by a professional team — arranging services to suit a specific type of business of customers and partners.

Sourcing Solution

A multi-sourcing solution cover 50 countries around the world allowing worry-free on supply even with the world’s fluctuating situation, thus effectively facilitating the costs and product standards.

Inspection Solution

A solution to validate product quality from procurement to source validation for our partners to ensure the products received are in exact quantity and quality as agreed. This is to eliminate various risks that may occur such as delays and create zero claim management.

Logistics and Inventory Optimization

In addition to having partners to deliver products that meet standards, SCG International also facilitates the documents in the import and export process. Therefore, reducing the time and unforced errors including inventory management in terms of safety stock to be effective.

Customized Services for Customers

We are committed to provide based on customers’ and partners’ needs. As a result, tailored and specifically designed solutions to suit the needs of each operation to be the most efficient through a comprehensive supply chain operation.

Market Distribution

Expand your business territory by extending the product line into the new markets abroad or in ASEAN. As a consultant, we are able to assist you to reach customer groups in the new markets in ASEAN with our business presences.


Because we believe every operation is an important part to drive business success. Let SCG International be one of your successes with our International Supply Chain Solutions.