BIG THAILAND : B2B E-Marketplace

BIG Thailand understands the problems and needs arising in the current business world and has developed the B2B E-Marketplace to help SMEs business owners. To use the information obtained from the analysis to further develop their businesses. And also create more opportunities for trading.


SCG International Corporation a subsidiary of SCG, has signed an MOU with Ralali PTE. LTD., the owner of – currently the largest online B2B marketplace in Indonesia, on “ASEAN B2B Marketplace” project. Piloting at Thailand market, this project aims to build an online business platform for ASEAN, helping small and medium sized businesses to source, scale, and sustain through digital technology.

We understand your pain points and wanted to be the solution by developing business model to meet the demand of SMEs in B2B market using data to analyze and help your business grow with full potential and efficiency.

Benefits for Sellers

Find new customers
with low cost
Maintain the efficiency
of the supply chain at low cost

Benefits for Buyers

Easy to find
buy products

Standardized operations

Consultant available

Scale up your B2B business through online platforms
and effectively reach your targeted customers