Published On: February 21, 2023-

The world attaches great importance to solving global warming problems. SCG International, as one of the citizens recognizes the value of sustainable business growth, ESG 4Plus or sustainable development guidelines according to SCG’s policy are incorporated as a guideline for business operations as follows:


Aim for Net Zero

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050 while promoting digital transformation to meet new customer needs, helping to create value, reduce cost and time and increase work efficiency. Our EV Solutions Platform business, specifically Smart Clean Mobility encourages

corporates to use clean energy more efficiently and economically through a comprehensive EV model.

Go Green

Developing an innovative business that is environmentally friendly and reducing the use of resources consecutively to align with the circular economy. Solar Sourcing Business allows corporates to discover technology, products and services in integrated solar panels thus promoting a widespread use of renewable energy.

Reduce Inequality

Looking out for society by carrying out a project to develop skills that the market needs for employees. Organize training and activities to expand the knowledge of people in the community to generate income through CSR and CSR DIW Continuous.

*CSR DIW is an industry guideline for operators to simultaneously carry out social responsibility activities and standards in operations.

Embrace Collaboration

Illustrating transparency and cooperation with all sectors as a Trusted International Supply Chain Partner in business partners, both in ASEAN and globally to be able to continuously develop products and services for sustainable growth.

*ESG 4Plus is the driving force for SCG International’s ESG strategy. This is to help the world in climate crisis, lack of resources and the inequality that occurs in society to pass on a livable world and build credibility for business partners and the next generation in a sustainable way.

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